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Are show dogs better?

Do you want a champion show dog? How about a puppy from champion show lines? Sounds healthy and beautiful right? Unfortunately many times the opposite is true. It turns out that judging a dog by its “cover” really is a bad idea. Just take a look at all of the breeds that have been ruined and are now riddled with disease due to many show breeders.

The Cane Corso is a young breed in regards to being shown in dog shows. We are fortunate that our breed hasn’t been dramatically changed for the worse yet, however that change is slowly taking place.
We are now starting to see some of the conformation changes due to stacking that ruined the working conformation of the German Shepherd show lines. Over extended dogs with sloping toplines is starting to become a real problem. Dogs with a tailset that is too high is also something I am seeing a lot of and it doesn’t fit the standard either.

Not all people who show their dogs have unhealthy dogs that don’t conform to the standard. There are people who show their dogs who actually have quality dogs. Most of the time these breeders work their dogs in combination with showing their dogs. These are the kinds of show breeders you want to find if you are intent on finding a show dog.

Personally I do not show my dogs. I don’t want to participate in glorified beauty contests to determine the best of a working breed. I think working breeds should be worked in some form or another. I use my dogs a lot like the Native Americans used theirs. To carry packs of stuff and to protect me while we out in rural areas for our hikes. We travel all over the united states to hike and see the world. A dog needs to be healthy to carry a heavy pack for 8 to 10 hours of hiking up and down hillsides and mountains like we did in colorado and wyoming. They have to be intelligent and good tempered to not run after the wildlife, or challange other hikers and their dogs, especially off leash which is how I prefer to hike with my dogs.

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