An understated air of cool competence, the kind of demeanor you’d expect from a professional bodyguard, is the breed’s trademark” and completes the picture of a dog not to be trifled with.


Trinity is a beautiful Brindle Female. She was the pick of the litter female out of our third litter out of Preacher and Cashmere. She is the most loving dog we own by far. 


Nirvana is a very special girl. She is our very own home production. She is the result of two generations of our hard work and the start of our very own bloodline. Nirvana is the daughter of Blondie,  Preacher and Cashmere are her grandparents . She has excellent structure and her temperment is superb. 


Vitani is a superb female imported from Serbia. She has very correct structure and iconic bloodlines. We are expecting BIG things from this girl!


Velocity is a gorgeous brindle female. She has full Italian lines and a great pedigree to match. She has great conformation and is very protective and loyal. She is highly responsive when protecting her family. She is still young and growing but we have high hopes for her contribution to our program. Special thanks to Vicky Glisson over at Cape Fear Cane Corso for this special girl!


Belladonna is a beautiful female that we brought in due to her amazing lines. She is a very traditional dog with a great temperament 


Blondie is a beautiful fawn female from our Cashmere and Preacher breeding. She has a very sweet disposition and is eager to please. She is going to make a great addition to our program.

Cashmere- Retired

Cashmere is a large beautiful blue brindle Female with both Italian and American lines. She is the only female we have that carries American lines. She has excellent conformation and she also has a very friendly and stable temperament. She has a high energy level and loves hiking with us for hours on end without slowing down. She has the classic “if you’re not first your last” attitude and we just love her for it.

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