What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs

Maintaining Working Breeds

Waiting on my results from pennhip and OFA but the vet said he looked very good, especially for his breed and size. He also complimented his temperament and said he was easy to work with. I ended up getting OFA hips/elbows and pennhip.
The vet and I talked for a while and something I found interesting was that he mentioned all of the field trial dogs that they have in the area. He said that the dogs are so expensive, that the owners won’t risk hip testing on them at all. Yet they all have good hips, (despite running all day in a way that should break down most dogs)

Imagine if instead of having the Olympics we made the athletes walk in a circle, then made them stand in an awkward position for the judges to determine who the best athlete is. That is exactly what dog shows are.
Health testing is a guess at best. Its based off the idea that we know what actually causes hip dysplasia. (Which there is no proof we do) Despite testing there is no conclusive proof that anything we’re doing is actually fixing the problem. Not to mention that it completely disregards the environmental aspect of genetics.

We didn’t start having problems until people stopped working their dogs and started showing them. In fact the only reason that the German Shepherd has any hope to continue as a healthy breed at all, is because of the people who were using the dogs for work, and knew enough to keep their lines away from the show lines (which are now riddled with health problems.)

It got so bad that in the year 2016 viewers watching the crufts dog shows spoke up and created the uproar needed to save the breed.

Not the judges and not the other breeders.

Yet these are the people who want to be in charge of determining the best of the breed? I don’t think so!
There is no better health test than working your dogs to test their athleticism, nerves, intelligence, heart and stamina.

Shows are the problem, stop acting like they are are the solution; or even a valid resource for healthy dogs.
It’s a popularity contest for people’s egos, not a place to find healthy working dogs.

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