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Responsible Ownership of Protection Breeds

This is an example of good ownership, versus bad ownership. The breeder has her dog under control and she knows how to set boundaries with the dogs. She demonstrates this and also informs the viewer how she accomplished this. (Socialization)

The second person is a puppy buyer who clearly has NO control over his dog, and he didn’t take the time to socialize the dog. So he has a dog that he cannot control, with maximum aggression due to a lack of socialization. He makes excuses for the dogs behavior by blaming it on breed traits, (which is a common behavior of people with untrained, unsafe dogs).

He completely ignored the fact that the breeder doesn’t have the same issues with the dogs, yet they share the same genetics. Not to mention the woman is smaller and not near as strong as the man, yet she has more control over the dogs.
This demonstrates that it’s not about being stronger than the dog. It’s about establishing authority and respect, in combination with proper socialization.
A protection dog MUST be socialized, or you will have a dangerous dog to anyone the dog doesn’t know. That’s fine if you live in the country and your dog has limited access to strangers. However if you live in the city you are taking a HUGE risk.
If your dog gets loose you could be looking at millions of dollars in lawsuits if and when your dog attacks someone.

The other risk is your dog being shot by the cops or neighbors for acting aggressively towards them. Socializing a dog will NOT affect their desire to protect you or their territory. It just ensures their safety and the safety of the people they encounter.

Please take the time to protect your dog and your community by socializing your dog and providing obedience training. If you need help with this we do skype training advice and we also work with dogs and owners in our community.

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