what a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs

Can the real Boxer please stand up?

A study of the Boxer Breed and how Show breeders changed the breed to look completly different than it did originally. This was accomplished by breeding dogs exhibiting "hyper type" and then inbreeding on those traits to exaggerate them further. While also...

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Responsible Ownership of Protection Breeds

This is an example of good ownership, versus bad ownership. The breeder has her dog under control and she knows how to set boundaries with the dogs. She demonstrates this and also informs the viewer how she accomplished this. (Socialization) The second...

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Maintaining Working Breeds

Waiting on my results from pennhip and OFA but the vet said he looked very good, especially for his breed and size. He also complimented his temperament and said he was easy to work with. I ended up getting OFA hips/elbows and pennhip. The vet and I talked...

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Are show dogs better?

Do you want a champion show dog? How about a puppy from champion show lines? Sounds healthy and beautiful right? Unfortunately many times the opposite is true. It turns out that judging a dog by its "cover" really is a bad idea. Just take a look at all of...

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