Breed History

In America there are two breeds of dogs currently referred to as Cane Corso. They are very different from one another and I have taken the time to document the differences below. I have provided all of the evidence to support these claims. My hope is that through educating the public we can help preserve the real Cane Corso and begin to separate ourselves from the American dogs that suffer from severe temperament issues that threaten the reputation of this historic breed.

American linES

The American Cane Corso was once believed to have been derived from a single imported female that produced a litter referred to as the “Super Six”. However extensive genetic testing performed by an independent research team found that the American Cane Corso was drastically different genetically. So different, they could not be scientifically grouped as the same breed. The study found that the American Cane Corso were a mix of Neapolitan Mastiff, Rottweiler and various other mastiff breeds. This same study found no variations in the Cane Corso tested in Europe.


Genomic Analyses Reveal the Influence of
Geographic Origin, Migration, and Hybridization on Modern Dog Breed Development


 Different dogs

American lines are not just genetically different dogs, they look different and are bred to have a different temperament. Below is a gallery of dogs from American lines. Just to clarify American lines do not refer to the place the dog was bred or resides. Many breeders in American work with European lines. The term “American Lines” refers to dogs who’s foundation bloodlines go back to American bred dogs that cannot trace their pedigree’s back to Europe. The way to identify these dogs in pedigrees is to look at the foundation dogs of the pedigree, if they are registered with ICCF they are American lines. I will provide some pedigree’s of American lines below for your convenience.

European lines

European Cane Corso can trace their pedigree’s back to the original dogs collected in Italy 40 years ago. In Italy the Cane Corso had all but nearly gone extinct. To prevent the loss of this historic breed, there was a great effort to collect as many specimens as they could. Dogs were collected from all over Italy.  These dogs were meticulously measured and documented for the creation of the 1987 original standard. This standard is referred to as the morsiani standard. (I will provide a link to this standard below.)  Through their hard work we have the dogs that we have today. Independent genetic testing has confirmed the historic authenticity of the European Cane Corso and it’s purity. This is a very rare claim for a pure breed to be able to claim.




European Cane Corso have over 120 years of verified history documented with photographic evidence. These photos are from Cane Corso breeders from so long ago the breed didn’t even have an official standard. It is these breeders, and many like them that supplied the reconstruction breeders their foundation stock. They developed the dogs we have come to know and love today. Many of these dogs go back to a time before an official registry. Pictured below are all Authentic Cane Corso that can trace their entire pedigrees back to European Foundation Dogs.



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